No Stake in the Game (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 12 Mar 2022 in Art, Poems

Digital drawing of abstract lines interwoven with words




No Stake in the Game


The hour seemed hot

And the malefactor

not alone in gauging how the wind was blowing

conditions dry enough like sarcasm

Imagine    towering figures

turning brat    Marshall plan negotiators

men like that

Gnomes, they prove, listening under toadstools

Galloping gourmands    Saturns

never wrong…that is…never a wrong ingredient

in the stew


The hour seems hot

And the southwest winds

And the thought of cool advice

From California friends

Not friends but flight technicians

Lonely in pursuit of patriotic memes

Camouflage and mirrored lens and child in pink


Hot    and gusting pine straw

Plays like a video in reverse

From the tiered stack

From the ritual bones    smirk

(them possum, fool)

From anything at hand




No Stake in the Game
Kindle cover for poetry book Rattus














(2019, Stephanie Foster)