Could It Be: Eighth Allied Forces

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Pastel drawing of decaying corpse transforming






The Folly

Allied Forces





Could It Be


Humanity. Falco’s unshockable eyes

fall half-lidded at sight of a face

…or (correct usage) situation of a face

Dusted verdigris, a skinning of mould on its rot

its sockets aviator’s goggles

And a scalp’s blond wisps

aflutter with the promise of romance

The celluloid reel twists in flame

and out of dreams foisted on the world since the time of war

corrupted stills glimmer their embryos

their encoded wholes…

When the screen angles, and ordinary vision blinks


‘The way is a door,’ says Falco, seeing.

Then: ‘Here comes someone.’

Who knew the earth was flat, but up and down

The thin curtain to shiver now and again

and a radiance…an angel, could it be?…step through

drawing its wings in


A hand reaches for him, he says, ‘Please’

It cannot be, the Pale Knight decrees

‘Krug.’ Falco’s assassin’s eyes warm

with a heart-bursting compassion


with love

Madre, madre, mi dispiace

Don’t regret the things I’ve done


The creature from behind the door

Who forever, through ages, arrives to warn

Shows them the miracle complete

The standing corpse extends one arm intact, one humerus

But these in softening light transmute

To the freshened form of Agnes

Her forgiving eyes say Falco, wake

And one by one, Simon, Lucille, Roscoe

Roscoe laughing, a sad and wondering laugh

join the embrace


At length, and none of the living know how it’s come

They wake, as well, to a risen sun




Could It Be

Pencil drawing of folly on hilltopStorms and Fires
















(2022, Stephanie Foster)




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