Tea Leaves (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 6 Jan 2022 in Poems

hectored overcoat


body appeal
lack of body appeal becomes a safety feature
makeover success to lie in the subject’s future
topicless conversations never a danger
bright times ahead console against failure
brakes read
the feel of the brakes read as tampered
I am managing this ice for you
spoke the car’s computer
please rest your foot aside
breaks taking
half the clerks are taking breaks
cats paid
cats will help if they are paid
clothes learn advancement
careful staging trains the clothes to teach advancement
wear the present with the next
don’t stress in search of the non-prematched
black tights and turtlenecks soon adapt
to shoo off all but earthtone scarves
gold hoops and hammered artisan cuffs
the heels prefer to be Chelsea boots
food discuss
“Food,” she said. “Discuss.”
defense recalled
the defense team recalled the hostile witness
expression listening
the Botoxed face left to seek its fortune
its expressions all were of careful listening
fifteen pleased
fifteen recipients rated themselves pleased
ground hawk
On the ground they saw a hawk






Tea Leaves

Digital painting of blue eagleAbdication
















(2022, Stephanie Foster)




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