Approachable: Sixth Allied Forces

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Digital picture of figure at night




The Folly

Allied Forces







Rain falls, a light and misty one, the best of sorts

As they of the night patrol who require the pull of it

Have medium to prowl the grounds in broader swaths

Simon Tattersby, avoiding Lady Gimple and Roscoe

Matey and inseparable, those spectral reprobates

By no means yet induced to vacate

(Poltergeists, to the serious spiritualist, almost a burlesque

to an oratorio—and they know it)

The inmates, with Virginia and Trout, being mortal all

Will post to the outer rings, first weaponing themselves

‘Falco, of course, is a man and can bleed…

It happens I’ve a lovely little pistol that I carry in my bag.’

‘I’m of two minds,’ the host replies. ‘But leave it, I think, Virginia.’


‘He is trained as a soldier; he is desperate and ruthless.

He may wrest it from you…and frankly, his hope is

to kill the most of us.’

Hence from the curiosities, the guest has drawn a stick with a blade

that springs at the depression of a lever

I would be depressed, if I were a lever, says Roscoe

A tepid laugh, and: ‘You are forgiven’

For these are the words that sting


The whole enterprise is terrifying

The sparkling Lucille has said barely a word

Only: ‘Gracious, I think I love you all! Tell me you’ll none of you be harmed.’

‘What signal?’ asks Simon

‘Why, tackle him, sir, if you spot him.’

‘Ah. Shall I ever learn? I don’t feel that I can frighten anyone.’


Virginia to make east, with a flare, for hurtling

(While resolved to get fully in the assassin’s face, if need be)

Trout to make west, tucked under his arm

a sturdy crossbow, like an idyllist’s lyre

The host will go north, a bright torch his defence

‘I shall play decoy, if you’ll lend me the dog.’

‘Oh, my poor Robbie is no use…’ Virginia begins

‘To walk, my dear. Merely to exercise on a lead.’






Pastel drawing of woman in headscarfOf Use
















(2021, Stephanie Foster)




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