My Foray into Kirkus Reviews

Posted by ractrose on 12 Sep 2021 in Novels

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I was planning to purchase a Kirkus review, for my latest, Sequence of Events…


And to report to you along the way, since I know struggling independent writers are curious…is this expense worthwhile?

The cost of the basic review is $425, daunting. But one way to look at it, is that a commitment of under five hundred dollars is pretty basic for a promotional budget.

What the quality of the product may be, I’ll report on in due time. My first snag came right away. You know that my internet service has gotten lost somewhere on the final frontier, shall we say. Fellow citizens of Appalachia, in search of anything hopeful as to their own prospects, will be eager to learn the outcome, but I have no news as of Sunday, September 12, ten days after Hurricane Ida apparently took my internet out.

Anyway, Kirkus says for Covid concerns, they want files only by email, and not physical books via the post office.

Of course, a book is a book; it can be carried places and shared. A file is still its creator’s property: it can’t be stored on an unsecure server, or opened on an unauthorized device. So for the reviewer, maybe a disappointment. I haven’t got an answer from Kirkus yet, but I’ll report tomorrow (unless I haven’t got an answer then.)

And, so we don’t imply bad habits, the CDC has guidelines for surface contact. Avoiding it is not thought necessary (just as well for libraries and bookstores); regarding paper, a waiting period of 24 hrs should render the object safe to handle.




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