Looking Good

Cover of novel Sequence of Events with Bird-in-Hand sign




Readers, the above is the cover of my new book, which you can buy from Amazon! You may, if you’re a longer-term subscriber to Torsade, have seen Sequence of Events in draft. Well, I’ve edited it up to readiness, and it has been retired from the blog to live in the world of Books You Can Buy.



Here’s the text of the back-cover blurb:


1928. The American economy appears to be booming. The world itself, following a devastating war, seems ripe with promise. And, for the opportunistic, easy pickings. Behind the scenes, a stockpiling scheme disguised as a charity builds fortunes. A man in love stakes his life on one chance. But chasing his alluring young man, he discovers an impoverished heiress. Two couples linked by an inconvenient marriage sort themselves more happily. An expert in human behavior is called upon to catch a crooked officeholder. And a wronged woman finds an explosive way to make herself heard...


Sequence is 320 pages, contains foul language, and has LGBTQ themes.






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