Poem: When You See God

Posted by ractrose on 4 Aug 2021 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of WWI soldier and orange horse




When You See God


When you see god nose your horizon

Inconvenient choosing the hour before the alarm goes off

Before you lift your fork

Before you find your pen and jot your thought

An acronym, had it been? for blunder

A plan you’d had to get thinner

By mistake you run the cinders raked in song

You and your hunnish competition

blooming every billionth of a second

Fresh hard breathing down your neck

An engineered spring in your insole

Raiment more daring than words you know

To name these meshy hues of orange and green

Not hallelujah nor harmed anthems

Nor procrastinated passions lilting screeds

All lovely sentiment ruined by on-screen pairings

Montage scenes

Spark at a strike under your heel and theirs

Gumball-sized petards tossed up and bursting

With a whiff of sugar scent

in air


Among things never coming to the rescue

Can-do civilians cloaked in selfless grit

Red Cross armbands

RAF sky-cavaliers piloting de Havillands

Vaudevillians cracking wise for the USO

French resisters plucky Belgians

WACS and Rosie….Lady Liberty herself

The minds the mottos the taking of every bull

by the horns the world

Those old characters belonged to

Among things never coming to the rescue

Granny and the house she bought on time

New signees to prop the pension fund

And doctor bills and college fees so cheap

Capital and socialism somewhere met




When You See God

Photo of black cat blurred in motion

The Smell of the Crowd
















(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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