Eight: final resolution (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 24 Jun 2021 in Art, Poems

Art for poem final resolution




final resolution


what is the divine

to lift you above

the shits of the world


Who sits aloft, alone

what is It

to love with evenhandedness

and no one, no one

released from that embrace

no matter what they’ve done


then, what is the divine

so large a thing

making the one to one

of humans discarding one another

a mockery


Well, no. A falling short

What climb greater than the climb

what mission, for born-to-the-grail types

what sacrifice? A cool, edge-of-doom, “Got that.”

when the aspirant chooses Alone

not to be Messiah

no I am, I want, I

no reciprocation, no uncleareyedness

no inner drive, save but

pity, and wanting the poor creature

to find a home

Here, if harried from every other door




final resolution

Pastel and ink drawing of face behind thornsSnares















(2021, Stephanie Foster)