Sum of (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 17 Apr 2021 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of angelic procession




Sum of


Long patience, the sort a society of resurrectionists

Calls its like-to-like decode of

Low resonance

A Plan, cryptographical embed, that which

Sifts the dead-weight from the Superman

A blat from the alpenhorn

In figure

Reverbs of duty-bound orders, secret Errants who have stood

Before the longbow, and sacrificed the ear


Their incredible sangfroid, told here, within symbology

The base of course has not the means


Long patience

In any fabbing con of two or three

Scionage of names, made—


White plus Hurst Ington Smith

Mill or Chance Forest Mont

Coll or Berry, Ton, Wall, Steven, Charles

Bride, Robert, Illing, Brook, East, West, North, South

More, Less, Lor, Ness

Collton, Whitebrook, Westmont, Bridington, Southmore

Chancelor, Charleshurst, Millforest, Lorilling, Westforest

Montlorness, Westillingmore, Forestsmithness, Millberrybrook

Eastmont-Brookilling, Weston-Southlorness, Robertmore-Bridebrook

Northchance-Stevenbrookington, Wallberryton-Collingness-Westmoreless



Long patience

Lineages and colonnades, coincide, libraries scent of hide

Topographies unplumbed Tarsessian astrologies

Godless random cracking loose of plates

Not that fate. Not fate at all

All spared, stars fixed in skies

Orbits corresponding to scannable lives

There is your Holy One, if you like

They must shine




Sum of

Pastel drawing of frozen refugee groupAnd Crying
Four-leaf clover













(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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