Goods for Love (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 12 Feb 2021 in Art, Poems

Photo art of space object




Goods for Love


On the midden heap

Above the flood still inundated

If you substituted

Goods for love

Your heart speaking through

Some accident of neurofibre

What chance angle or what play of light refracting

A carbohydrate rush

Acting on your mood


They iridesce and their rims

Have a soft opacity

Here are seven arrayed together

Glass behind glass

Strung like beads


Your head is in the oven

With the bread and cakes

Irons and implements

Teacups and plates


Trade and commerce

Turn the wheels and the wheels

Might cease to turn

The things

And the things for the things

The circlings back

Distract us from the search





Oil painting cameo of person in headscarfWonderfully Made
Her Day















(2014, Stephanie Foster)




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