Eight: agreement (poetry series)

Posted by ractrose on 26 Jan 2021 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of figures in cave-like place






1)    is a murderer the new celebrity

2)   are bong shops good for failing towns

3)   new technology or none?

4)   if we mined all the gemstones now

a)   could we bulldoze tidy covers

b)   grow greenswards to obliviate temptation

c)   have forests and orangutans

d)   trade shares in rare blue opals

5)   can we sit in our chairs sending pity to thousands

6)   can predatory men be taught to crochet

7)   will faxes be sent in ways unthought

a)   docility by our gadgets broadcast

b)   via EM fields

8)   would a man in a golf cart, suffering mini-strokes

a)   slaughter by mishap a cluster of students

b)   be dragged in time from his smoking ruins

9)   will all clothing become billowing overshirts

a)   fitted to snap-on pants

b)   and bolero-sleeves for warmth

10)   should we plug withered shoots in gardens

a)   cutting to the chase of drought conditions

b)   stop fires by refusing to live near them

11)   should the hero’s hometown receive his cadaver

a)   shoelaces wrongly used as fasteners

b)   instigators to spend every night alone

12)   are hoaxes too grim when bystanders are killed

13)   hoodies go upscale when made of sueded silk

a)   sized to hefty and beyond

14)   shall we boutique antique chickens

a)   promising inmates let out to tend them

b)   adoption profiles solicit mentions

15)   xtra spice with zippity spelling?





Digitally-altered photo of landscaperefutation
















(2021, Stephanie Foster)




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