Amulet Two (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 19 Jan 2021 in Art, Poems

Cartoon of couple sitting at table




Amulet Two


Corin’s parents, in the satellite radio boom

Had been a pair of patterers playing the roles

of that shopping couple at the home improvement store

On the strength of which they’d been given their live show…

Times alter fates.

No call to say busted down, but relegated

to a podcast now

we don’t see many duos in modern comedy acts

but for the musical Amulet the parts were cast


Corin, lukewarm love of Persephone,

whose name causes his mother to remark



His date, her mind on settling, rather than take risks

With that peculiarity her family is cursed by…it

She has pocketed. If all had gone well,

she would have flushed it down the toilet

and proposed to Corin herself


But his parents throughout the dinner bicker

as though rehearsing a crass routine

And talk over their son’s half-uttered efforts

leaving him red in the face and meek

Persephone rises to her feet


“I wish you people…!”

What thought is in her heart?

The amulet thinks it knows, and hearing a word of command

As with a Google search, fills the rest in




Amulet Two

Oil painting of oval shapesAmulet 
Years Ago















(2021, Stephanie Foster)



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