My Blog Week: January 10 to January 16

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I’ve been rereading, after decades, a book series I loved as a youngster: Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain.

Well. Lord Gwydion has some timely advice towards the end of The Book of Three for wayward members of the Grubby Old Party:


“Once you have the courage to look upon evil, seeing it for what it is, and naming it by its true name, it is powerless against you, and you can destroy it.”


Not that we have much faith in that. Republican flunkies continue to interview in robotic mode, still with their strange incomprehension of human speech.


For a second reference, I offer the celebrated Victorian courtroom saga of William Frederick Windham, who in 1861-62 was tried for lunacy, his right to self-determination in the balance. An account of the time says that the jury put questions to him and he answered them:


“…unhesitatingly, straightforwardly, coherently, and consequentially.”


Consequentially! Demonstrating a grasp of causal relationships! Anyway, there you have a standard for ordinary sanity the robo-flunkies fail at. The persistence of this conduct, of refusal to commit to even fundamental and harmless things, or to required things, like “white supremacy is bad, in every case, from every angle”; the repeating of canned appeals for one-sided outreach, for not prosecuting Trump (because in this scenario Americans are docile serfs, superstitiously fearful), makes many of us scratch the head and lift the eyebrow.

The party is under an influence. The true name of “Q” must be Maria. How so? In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Maria is the waiting woman to Olivia, with whom the steward Malvolio is in love. Maria conceives a trick to play on Malvolio, writing a letter he believes has authority, which advises him to win Olivia by smiling continually, dressing clownishly…

The right-wing’s Maria has given counsel that makes them act (often while weirdly smiling: see Betsy DeVos) like they are not going to be tricked into revealing secret information or departing from their name-rank-and-serial-number recital. As far as tea leaves go, we can’t divine much, but some phrase with the magic of “military intelligence” must underlie their strategists’ consultations…or their consultants’ strategies, as the case may be. This is precisely the sweet spot for that moth-to-the-flame quality, this combo of weaponry and secrecy implicit in trustworthiness to the rightist mind: that of the alleged MI expert.

And what a web appears to have been spun. Ordinary humans, who exchange information in ordinary ways, are baffled. But Maria has convinced her subjects that they are following the wisest of courses, and on they clown.




On Monday, a new Yoharie, Savannah getting her bearings back. Tuesday, a Jumping Off poem, “nothing more”; Wednesday The Sword Decides! (part six), further warnings for Andreas, because it’s that sort of book… But also, a decision to journey onwards to Naples. Thursday, part twenty-six of Shine! by Mathilde Alanic, with Annie seeing, so far as she knows, the ancestral home, and receiving an invitation from Patrice. Friday, Hammersmith, chapter four, Hogben meeting Minnie’s beau. Saturday, part seventeen of “Celebrated”, Petra cluing Tom to a difference between the handling of men and women in publishing.
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My Blog Week: January 10 to January 16



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