it hates (poem)

Pastel drawing of person searching under sofa



it hates


it curls into a fetal crouch

reminds itself of cruel conspirators

doesn’t remind

from the couch, it watches

a song once loved now sells young customers

sailcloth uppers

organic scuffs, the rubber

sustainably harvested, no less…

Harvested! Makes it think of the old tractor brand…

All snuffled up by corporate raiders, think onwards of

Caterpillar…Caterpillar selling women’s shoes!

Dire convergences in a world that insists

On coming to


it would like to read something by O’Reilly

but the Star Trek redshirt comes to mind

history has its lessons

think of uncool stereotypes

why would the “no man” not be no xm?

(by year two-thousand what the heck…)

Isn’t this where those people are headed?

The ones who call it uneducated


it absorbs information in a continual spew

its regurgitated jumble, the Weltschema of Fox News

saved coins and Grandma’s gold and land itself

attic finds, war bonds, and handstitched quilts

and three downstairs guns…one in the flour canister

one under the sofa, one atop the TV cabinet

to an actual intruder, three handy gifts



it hates

Oil painting of city square in abstract styleSelf-Control
















(2020, Stephanie Foster)



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