The Blurbs (poem)

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Cartoon style pencil drawing of literary characters




The Blurbs


A flight from personal tragedy brings Trey Michaelson to Wetheringdale Farm, with its eccentric collection of healers and seekers. Here she meets journalist Royce Beardsley, a Wethering descendent, who keeps a two-hundred-year-old secret. An afternoon on the bridle path leads to a sealed well-head, and a grim discovery.


Kinley Hartford has always taken care of everyone but herself. When her daughter’s disability brings the young single mother in contact with brilliant but arrogant therapist Matt Romero, only love can save the day.


Somewhere among the dark pools of Waxberry Creek, the accused witch Hannah Bingham is said to have been drowned. Harley alone understands the speech of birdsong and waterfall. Escaping to this refuge from a cruel prank, she makes a grim discovery.


Jonah’s life plan calls for world domination first, romance never. He has a surefire idea, a rent-other-people’s-lives scheme that’s bound to look genius to a venture capitalist… If he can only get his Chuck Taylor-clad foot in the door. But Kate Webb isn’t your typical startup wizard. On a Palm Beach golf course, things spin out of control, and only love can save the day.


Sandy O’Dell was the toughest cop on the beat. Maybe his old cronies wouldn’t recognize the new Sandy, but her nose for trouble sniffs out corruption just fine. And corruption is exactly what Billy Chisolm, missing-person-of-interest, has got himself into, up to the neck. Under a full moon, a meeting on a lonely houseboat is interrupted by a grim discovery.


Charlotta Pinckney needs a husband by midnight. Should she lose her inheritance, her despicable cousin Rhys will gain the entire village of Selton Furnace. His drunken boast to the new tenant at The Larches brings Charlotta a last-minute proposal. Must she marry temperamental artist Julian Howard, or sacrifice her family’s ancient duty? Perhaps only love can save the day.




The Blurbs

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Haunt of Thieves (part five)











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