Cartoon Stories: Bad Attitudes

Posted by ractrose on 27 Apr 2020 in Cartoons

Cartoon of cat hanging in there on a starCartoon Stories

Bad Attitudes





Some political, some cultural, some animal…



Cartoon of dangerous man and boy


Boy Wonder Wanted. On the theme of dangerous old gurus, and their insular recruitment centers…



Cartoon of awkward hug


Long Time No See. Some people never get the body language right. Or the fashion statements. Which, incidentally, I like to dress my characters in schleppy or nerdy gear…fair isle sweater vests, button-down shirts…even Dr. Billhook, above, gets a nice scarf.



Cartoon of performing rat


Live from the Underground. Not much to comment on, just a rat-themed bit, with music. 



Cartoon of Paperclip scientist


Building on the Past. There actually was one left, though I didn’t know if such a thing was possible when I did this cartoon. Here’s a link, on the death of Georg von Tiesenhausen, aged 104.



Cartoon of vampire acting natural


Out Schmoozing. Because I have an ongoing counter-notion to the vampire craze in novels (see The House of Spooky Annoyances) that anyone who lived for hundreds of years would always be reminded of a peeve or a story…



Cartoon of stinkbugs fighting


Raising a You-Know-What. Drawing a stinkbug is a challenge, an aspect of cartooning that improves you as an artist. You never know what you may need to portray, or what sort of creatures/historical figures/imaginary beings, in what settings and combinations.



Cartoon of Columbia America's symbol


Free World, Take One. It couldn’t hurt, to go back to the old ideals, minus the racism, but plus the go-getting (as I mention in my accompanying notes to Catastrophe*, Puerto Rico wasn’t too far for T.R., when sending aid to Martinique…one president who could get right on the job). 



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Bad Attitudes
Cartoon of smiling uranium atom

See The Cartoon House
















(2020, Stephanie Foster)



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