Eight: Mystical (poetry series)

Posted by ractrose on 11 Apr 2020 in Art, Poems

Stylized photo of Black-eyed Susan flowers






A tribute to your thoughts

Brother Nostrazerof**k

The gift of seeing first is yours

That tweet you called it

Months ago when others snored

Coincidence is the crossing

Of a tool’s path with the genius

Groove laid down by his new master


You wake in the mornings

Tapped on the chest by your guardian angel’s rummaging

Drawers in a multi-bayed Garage Mahal

Where shiny Craftsman tiers on wheels

So red and bright as to raise the spirit

Of William Carlos Williams

Depend on that

All alike, old human lives and their paraphernalia

New inventory to purgatory’s clearinghouse

Comes continual

Here’s yours

Of silvery screws, a few, dropped in a jar

Dropped a-purpose, little seer, they clink out one by one

A Tropicana

Flying Down to Old Havana

marimba tune

Dink dink…dinka dinka dinka dink…dink dink

You wake in the mornings

You carry awareness of great things

You find an ankh and wear it

A Cherokee bear tattoo it

A Nepalese mandala

A Celtic maze

Peramble it

Amulet of moonstone

Yinning you to fearful excess

Balance this with dreams of rockets





Oil painting of turtle-shaped volcanic island

Turtle Island
Haunt of Thieves (part six)












(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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