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Posted by ractrose on 6 Apr 2020 in Cartoons

Cartoon of cat hanging in there on a starCartoon Stories

More from the Idea File




Cartoons are sight gags, basically (unless they’re walk-and-talk strips, as much of Calvin and Hobbes). Below, like last week, whimsy, with a mini-sitcom, and a touch of existentialism.


Cartoon of man struggling to boil lobster


Lobbying for a Special Interest. Who wouldn’t cheer the fighting spirit of the poor lobster about to be tossed in the pot? But a lobster is one of those cartoon characters that doesn’t have actual expressions, and needs an anthropomorphic face superimposed.



Cartoon of woman who bought phone booth on Ebay


Bargain Booth. Gahan Wilson was one of my favorites growing up. He drew a cartoon with Santa in the chimney…or out of the chimney… At any rate, the punchline had a handyman telling a homeowner he’d found out what was clogging it. In this case, we’ll assume Clark Kent has survived his ordeal.



Cartoon of odd-shaped character


Alternative Realities. The cartoon world is very inclusive, with a large percentage of its population in the distorted cohort.



Cartoon of garage run by moonheads


Going Through a Phase. Some puns, and then I wanted the car to be a cool, sixties model. So a tableau-style drawing, with fairly extensive background detail.


Cartoon of philosophical farmer


Electric Bitters. The old patent medicines (of which one was actually called Electric Bitters), promised unlimited vim and vigor.



Cartoon of people running with aliens attached

Added Incentive. Everything has two acts, first as tragedy and then as sponsoring product.



Cartoon of people in line at carnival


Cartoon of odd date


Character Will Tell. As a child I watched the daytime talk shows: Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas. Sometimes they had comedians, sometimes hipper ones than the Rat Pack fringers who guest-starred on The Lucy Show or I Dream of Jeannie. Kelly Monteith had a funny extended joke about the one shoe by the side of the road. And I saw David Brenner, doing a bit about his early job at an amusement park. Everyone, he said, when the ride started would say the same thing: “Here we go!”

So, added to a more eccentric variation, I gave this problematic first date a shoe-sock habit. (Because it’s perfectly true when you think about it: shoe-socks cover the feet and have treads on the bottom. How are they not shoes? But you suspect they’d still annoy people.)




More from the Idea File
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