The Earth Unseeded (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 14 Mar 2020 in Art, Poems
Pastel drawing wormlike seedlings with faces




The Earth Unseeded


Entering as they would, vi-ah

Unlocked galleries feeding sitting rooms apathetic

Brocade and fringe, grand piano benches propping slumpen

Estate-squatters pinched with starving

Come to rest

Who defy all stirring to object

Interlopers feel the breath of drawing drafts

Pipe from standing door to mantel mouth

With just the scream of a past distinction

A hint in the vents of a nutcracker’s gape

A fitting place for trace remains of cheery blaze

And spitted goose

They took an inspiration to brush at carpets


Sometimes crowbar off the baseboards

Whiskbroom out the dust

And dirt, wait for the brevity of longer daylight

Rake the softened earth under plastic sheeting

Bury all they’d gleaned with gaunt obsession

For a new thing

Any new thing

That the treads of shoes of years had left behind


Plastic, plastic, cut into mosaics, stitched and glued

Built into a dome-shape, theory of a house

Dome on dome with cushioned air layered in

The light grown so dim

Tending curiosities that sprout

Coming out to sit all day, instead of there

A rug-wrapped radiator’s body heat and lung-waste

What sacrifice after all to be god to a young planet




The Earth Unseeded

Oil painting gold and cerise background five facesDoctrine
All Things Connected Loosely By a Letter














(2019, Stephanie Foster)




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