Cartoon Stories: Grabbed from the Headlines

Posted by ractrose on 9 Mar 2020 in Cartoons

Cartoon of cat hanging in there on a starCartoon Stories

Grabbed from the Headlines




Everyone does topical humor. But some cultural influences are more middle-ground than others. Political criticism might need to be veiled for safety; while making fun of advertising, movies, fashion, is fairly safe across the board (although we’ve heard of militant superfans). For a cartoonist, or comedian, reading the social media feed, the “news briefs”, gives a series of prompts. You just have to find the angle. Half the humor is in the drawing. The talk shows, taking a page, do a lot of visual gags, a lot of jokes in the vein of, say: “Burisma sounds like…


A charismatic case of bursitis?

A new kind of health drink made from bulgar?

That ineffable quality that defines a bureaucrat?


With graphic arts images to bring the punchline home.

Today’s selections come from the world, as it turns.



Cartoon of lunch in hell


The core idea of this is the worst combination of flavors I can personally think of, barring things you wouldn’t actually eat. But I decided to give the devil the face of Rudy Giuliani. (In fact, the damned fellow looks a little like Paul Manafort with the toupee off.)



Cartoon of news interview


We wish they would.



Cartoon of army general


Those initials are pretty close to a treaty that exists, and seeing a reference to it was the inspiration for this one.



Cartoon of man dressed as George Washington


The character is drawn to resemble Roger Stone. The background was speculation for a story (of fiction, not cartoon), about how someone would lay out a longterm plan for going fugitive.



Cartoon of prisoners discussing books


And this came after a story about censorship of prisoners’ reading material, at about the same time the Trump administration was denying the president’s words could instigate violence. The reasoning seems inconsistent.



Grabbed from the Headlines
Cartoon of smiling uranium atom

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(2020, Stephanie Foster)



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