Bride to Be (part ten)

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Pencil drawing of middle-aged early medieval queen




Bride to Be (part ten)


“And the wisewoman gave her seeings

The crystal cooled to yellow or green…”

Queen Tamarilde’s smile, first arch, fades rueful

Girl, you may know your arts…but had you

My years, I should see you less smug of your prompts.

Your own augury may prove aught but uncolored

“I have not tried the stones,” her guest murmurs

“It pleases me,” the queen says, to all

“That Aldebert will tell his father’s tale.”


She scarce would turn and meet that face

The boy to whom so slyly she is introduced

“And lady, may I know your name?”

I think, she wants to say, you won’t…

But: “Wilhelmina, it will be, when I take my vows

It is Wildulfa now.”

Aldebert gives her his cup, and she, for manners

drinks. He, with a modest, efficient way, is

possessing the moment, adept as a student-priest


My father’s stone came sundered from the fire

It otherwise had been the blue

of our ocean under a changing sky

The girl from her cushion lifts a glance

To capture Alderic’s eye

“Our god knows of what he uncloaks

To mortal curiosity

You see that I have not been marked for death”

And you, Queen?

But Aldebert speaks to her again.




Bride to Be

Pencil drawing of middle-aged early medieval queenBride to Be (part eleven)















(2020, Stephanie Foster)




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