My Blog Week: Nov 5 to Nov 11

My Blog Week: Nov 5 to Nov 11All the Latest from Torsade!












The week began with A Figure from the Common Lot: Battlefront (part six), in which Honoré, for trying to help Clotilde, becomes a prisoner of war. The poem “American Expatriate” is the latest Corey Jack, with the anti-hero dealing drugs and political favors; a new excerpt from the novel-in-progress Yoharie, has Giarma meeting Trevor Royce and beginning to like him, also an excerpt from the cult-fantasy novel (fictional), The Totem-Maker. In the Pale Knight arc of the Folly series, a new entry, “Godfrey” has the guest preambling further, gradually reaching the point. Also getting to the point is Dana Jenkins, telling Laurel, in “The Bog”, part seven, a story about his mother. (Due to changes, this entry points to the Short Stories page and “The Bog” complete.)
“Are You Alienated”, drawing to its climax, has Minta learning in what way her husband and his partner Art have been breaking international law. “Omnibus” is a non-series poem, on the subject of realization and regret. The Tourmaline story, “Authority Weighs In” concluded Saturday, with an interaction between the Ftheorde and Anton’s purchaser, resulting in Anton being given his freedom. (Tourmaline Stories page.)
Photos on my posts usually have a link to related information, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about clicking links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.





 My Blog Week Nov 5 to Nov 11


 A Figure from the Common Lot: Battlefront (part six)
November 5

Wikipedia: Dragoons


Corey Jack: American Expatriate
November 6

Council on Foreign Relations: Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle


Yoharie: Giarma Meets Trevor (and an excerpt within an excerpt from The Totem-Maker)
November 7

Wirally: Ten Authors You Won’t Believe Who Only Wrote One Book


Godfrey: Third Pale Knight
November 7

Shakespeare online: quotes concerning omen


The Bog
November 8

The Awl: The Grim American History of the Bicentennial Minute


(A discovery! I’d forgotten the existence of these Bicentennial Minutes.)


Are You Alienated (part ten)
November 9

Investopedia: Money Laundering


Omnibus (poem)
November 10

Business Tutorials: The Sunk Cost Fallacy


Authority Weighs In
November 11

Wikipedia: Ethnic conflict





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