My Blog Week: Oct 1 to Oct 7

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Yesterday, I posted a new video on my YouTube channel, a tune with a dance beat, and images from the blog.







This week, A Figure from the Common Lot debuted. Honoré Gremot arrives on the scene, and his misadventures begin. I posted the first installment of “On Taste: You and Your Peers”, an essay that considers how our idea of taste vs. tacky is formed by our immediate cultural environment. The fifth story in the Tourmaline series, “Promoted to Exile”, gives Herward’s perspective, as, for having lost Anton, he deals with the classic punishment. “Spin the Wheel” is a short short story, complete in one post, narrated by another character given unwelcome responsibility. “The Bog” concluded, with an emergency. “They Won’t Return” continues the story-poem Haunt of Thieves. Finally, “The Second Idea” brings back the scriptwriters from “The First Idea”, this time working up a medieval farce.
Photos on my posts usually have a link to related information, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about clicking links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.



My Blog Week: October 1 to October 7


A Figure from the Common Lot: Battlefront (part one)
October 1


On Taste: You and Your Peers (one)
October 2

The Art Story: article on minimalism


Peeled (poem)
October 2 article on unseasonable weather


Tourmaline: Promoted to Exile (part one)
October 3

Wikipedia: article on border outpost


Spin the Wheel (short story)
October 4

Risk Management Magazine: article on the psychology of risk


The Bog (conclusion)
October 5

The Daily Beast: article on harassment campaign against CNN


They Won’t Return (poem)
October 6

Oil painting of blue figures bright sunset


Cool video: click image to follow link to YouTube (Channel: Rico Bergholdt Hansen)


The Second Idea (poem)
October 7

Flickchart: list of greatest movie farces




A black cat, nicknamed Nortie, who serves as Torsade's site ambassador.





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