My Blog Week: May 14 to May 20

All the Latest from Torsade!                                   On Monday, All Bedlam Courses Past, with Élucide locating one Sartain at the Nashville station. Wednesday, The Totem-Maker recounts more early memories. Friday, The Mirrors, and the viewpoint of Charleton Dumain. Saturday, Yoharie, Hibbler’s […]

All Bedlam Course Past (part forty-two)

          All Bedlam Courses Past   Chapter Two Avarice Creeping On (part forty-two)         Temperance, she might have said, the dry laws, and why [asked naively] do we not enforce them countywide? These posturings were the political game, the sniper’s blind built of sticks and straw; her father […]

Keep his distance (poem)

      Keep his distance   He is much closer now to his condemners Manners, if good social manners would stop the driver of a van He will sit, monitor this scene through a dirty screen A wireless device at rest near his resting hand Hand that touches no lover’s knee She in the […]

Yoharie (part two)

Yoharie Hibbler, Awake (part two)               He felt something. An intrusive prod, a dull instrument’s pinpoint of contact…a pen, his mind told him, was what this was. Todwillow, who did not wash often enough, and wore drugstore aftershave, was leaning over him, poking at him. This bodily proximity made […]

The Mirrors (part forty-four)

      The Mirrors (part forty-four)     I thought about Joseph. Sometime after the riot, the inferno, the months the militia held the city, the gangs brought in to sweep the glass, to break the burnt foundations, cart away barrows of brick… Brick by the ton. Broken cornice-work, roofing slates that had sliced […]

The Totem-Maker (part two)

The Totem-Maker The Little I Can Tell (part two)                       Soon after came scouring floods that islanded our village, once situated on a rise, now a barren plain. Deprivation followed, and I was protected from sacrifice, for being born to a woman with no means […]

My Blog Week: May 7 to May 13

All the Latest from Torsade!                     No cartoon this week, since I couldn’t find enough drawing time. But here are three AI images, “High Rises Made from Cottages”.       Is AI illustration ethical? Obviously, it’s light years ahead of clipart. If you blog, and […]

All Bedlam Courses Past (part forty-one)

          All Bedlam Courses Past   Chapter Two Avarice Creeping On (part forty-one)         “I’ll tell you what, Aylucide, I named Myra after Moult’s poor sister. Stuck her little finger with the garden shears out in the rose bed one morning…” Mrs. Buckley’s pace hitched to a trot. […]

Yoharie (part one)

Yoharie Hibbler, Awake (part one)               The thing that had made him hate camping. Rocks were falling all this time, but the clip that played across the screen of Hibbler’s closed eyes was soundless. It was almost a lie…if there had not been so much rooted pain, telling him […]

The Totem-Maker (part one)

The Totem-Maker Chapter One: The Little I Can Tell (part one)               I would not have asked to be born under a portent. The day of my arrival on earth began, at daybreak, with a fearsome one. I knew the story so well, I could for years picture the […]