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What, did you think you would cross the border in a barrel, loaded on a boxcar?”
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“Now, darling girl, I would like you to deliver a message to the cow.”

Cover art, title Inimical, author Stephanie Foster

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Let your inside be your outsideAuthor Page: About This Blog
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Author Page: About This BlogShe enters, and her face brings disharmony
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Author Page: About This Blog

On an occasion of faith within a faith undefined
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 He found himself looking at a cipher, which spun into a logo.
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Hammersmith cover“Oh, well, an atlas, that’s awfully nice.”
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When I awoke, the other two had gone
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Abstract city street scene with barricades

If you hear anything, don’t be afraid.”
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The contact is an industry insider, who calls himself “Freddie”.
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The DanceHe feared love, to feel it, a twining tendril’s prod
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Hibbler stared at the bag. “I’ll take that for you, if you want.”
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But the peddler said even kings would barter for them
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wandering soldier from poem series haunt of thieves

When the seedling’s roots have drawn the blood
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Snails are all right…” she ventured.
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“Um…intellect.” He meant nothing by this.
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And sensibility, a body at the root of hubbub.
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