Hammersmith: Private Enterprise (1)

Pastel drawing of 1800s farmhouse



Private Enterprise
Chapter Twenty-Seven




“Cranston,” Zetland said, “believes that when he undertakes a thing, he will improve it over all undertakings of the past.”

A general nod passed over his audience.

“He has made himself, Mrs. Bard, commander-in-chief of a small army of mercenaries, has he not?”

“Well,” said Aimee, disappointed. She had been prepared to doze a little. Shaw and Minnie were outsiders, so as special envoy of Hammersmithan affairs, it seemed she was drafted. “I don’t think he pays them.”

“He will pay them in the traditional way—that is, by spoils, if he succeeds in his plan. But what is it he hopes to succeed at?”

Shaw took this. “An expeditionary force of his own, a private army, sent to Cuba…to impose order, as he sees it. Mossbunker says all this infighting shows America an immature power, weak-willed. He thinks the military will be hamstrung, going after Spain on a series of half-measures…”

“He says and he thinks, does he?”

“I’m just putting out what I know, ma’am, trying to be a help.”




Hammersmith: Private Enterprise (2)


(2017, Stephanie Foster)




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