The Impresario (part sixteen)

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Oil painting of two men younger and older in medieval clothing




The Impresario

Part Sixteen


“The gatekeeper, then, must be sweetened with a bribe

For such a one may at any time be called aside

He cannot leave a fire rage or fainting lady lie

So, make fair claim to’ve been about his duties…

That, Pierre, is what you mean to say.”



But Tortu’s exclamation surprises Pierre no less

Than such a worldly observation

From the lips of Regalus

“No, money is a handy thing,

And at those times it’s needed

I know of nothing better to the purpose.

We will keep ours.”

“Then,” she throws herself in eagerly again,

“Tell me what you’d have me do. For it is done.”

“Patience, love…yes, I beg you let me think aloud.

I do not tell you that I have no plan…”

“He doesn’t,” says the Dauphin, standing. “Regalus, Tortu…”

“The plan…” says Pierre, following; he then trots to the lead

Leaps the gate of a private yard, unlatches this;

Ushers the others before him, and brings his fist

Springing from a crouch to strike the jaw

Of the petty spy who’d trailed them from the alehouse.

“…is real enough.” He strolls to join his fellows.

“In those parts where it exists. I must now

Speak to you of Boniface. You have guessed, he is a

tolerable performer, but no troubadour.

No, my friends, he is an erstwhile Lollard, cast from his county

in disgrace.

Thus baited in the proper vein”—Pierre makes a hook of his finger

In the shape of a letter J—“To rise as he aspires

And play sweet justice’s champion

Our ex-knight will appear.”




The Impresario
Oil painting of emaciated man on scaffold platform jeered by crowd

Part Seventeen
















(2017, Stephanie Foster)




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