My Blog Week: September 29 to October 5

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Without much point (other than professional crisis, if they cease to naysay), people on TV keep claiming impeachment is not the best way to pry loose the claws of the glut-ocracy. They make the same representations, that the Senate will vote to absolve the president, and that this will somehow “strengthen” him.

It seems fair to assume new converts to his leadership are limited in number. Quite a few of his supporters are not people at all, and the human ones almost certainly have achieved that state of wishful thinking paired with self-pity, that places them on a rarefied stratum. Any sane farmer or factory worker—and the support of these groups is partly an alleged one—should be able to think of things needed now, which aren’t likely to be either walls or weird rallies. Meanwhile, how much credibility does this crop of Republican Senators have with the American people?

If you were watching Petticoat Junction, and Kate Bradley lost the blue ribbon at the county fair, because her worst enemy was sitting on the judges’ panel for the Peach Pie competition, would you doubt her pie is nonetheless baked to perfection? Widow Kate, for that matter, can probably manage the Shady Rest, Uncle Joe, and her baking at the same time. So why complain that impeachment (leaving Hooterville behind…though something of Mar-a-Lago’s future is suggested in the name) is going to distract from the Democrats’ message? You can have a slice of impeachment with your Medicare-for-All.

To bring in another analogy, the process is like a game, in which the square landed on goes out of play, and can’t be used again. Every piece of evidence that’s documented and recorded, blocks so many additional avenues that might be used to evade justice.




Monday, I began reissuing “Bride to Be”, with part one. On Tuesday, The Impresario, part nine, the title character making a second mistake, in trying to cover a first. Wednesday, a bonus translation piece, part one of a story from Baron Haussmann’s (Napoleon III’s architect of the new Paris) memoirs, about the author George Sand. On Thursday, the debut of Frédéric Boutet’s short story, “The Ghost of M. Imberger”, Torsade’s latest translation project. Friday, a Jumping Off poem, “Even Heard”, and on Saturday, part one of Hammersmith’s epilogue, touching on the fortunes of Hogben, Shaw, and Ruby.
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My Blog Week: September 29 to October 5


Bride to Be (part one)
September 30

Amazon: Rattus


The Impresario (part nine)
October 1

YouTube: Kim Hill, “Hold Me Close”


Baron Haussmann’s story about George Sand (part one)
October 2


Frédéric Boutet: The Ghost of M. Imberger (part one)
October 3


Even Heard (poem)
October 4

Poetry Foundation: William Blake, “I Heard an Angel”


Hammersmith: Epilogue (part one)
October 5



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