The Impresario (part six)

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Oil painting of man seeing vision of lady before mirror




The Impresario

Part Six


O, jealousy! Regalus in penance catches Pierre by the sleeve

For amid a burst of cries and laughter none had heard

The missile strike. Silent Tortu from errands of his own

Pads near to Regalus with a bleeding face

Pierre’s hand closes over hers, avec tendresse

“Boniface!” The impresario with Poupée clinging to his neck

Steps between them. “You are an unharmonious guest.

And as your aim is false, you must try another song.”

“Monsieur.” The troubadour bows. “You will not have it thought

you conspire with assassins. Please. Charity is a holy act, no doubt.

Allow them all to know what you have done.”

He turns and eyes Pierre, as do the others.

“My master,” answers he. “I was tasked with spotting marks;

that the priest, by halving his labor, might double his purse.

Yea, the sin beladen soul will find expression

in familiar habit, hesitation;

the guilty heart will speak the chosen phrase.

Why might not I, a man of worth, bestow false consolation?

It is a holy act, no doubt, to say: I know thee for a fornicator.

And you, madame, have lusted in your heart.

Dressed was I in robes of black, whispering my way

Midst pilgrims, blanching cheeks.

Perhaps I had been tardy, for they say

’Tis a wise man knows himself…it was a lady

Discovered me my gift—she had made to faint

True, friends, I aver myself a villain, but not yet was I embittered

Not yet schooled in prison…I caught her in my arms

Contrite. Ah! But she played a ruse. When close to my ear

Whispered in her turn, “Good monsieur l’abbé, I pray thee

Shrive me here. I give you gold for your pains.”

Then merrily, for willingly enough, I did absolve her,

Went she on her way.”


A shaft of sun casts brilliancy upon a coat of arms above

The gated lane

The dawn has come

The V in virtus newly forged in flame




Oil painting with carnival scene impresario's spiel in progress

Part Seven
















(2017, Stephanie Foster)




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