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Posted by ractrose on 6 Aug 2019 in The Latest

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Hello everyone!

Some of you may have joined in recently, checking the posts on this blog, and might enjoy a little background. If you follow the ongoing stories, such as The Totem-Maker, Yoharie, Hammersmith, you’ll note they are unfinished. In a way, the stories are serials; but also, I put them up in a state of draft (one polished enough to be suitable for posting). None of these are completely written, and can’t have their final edit for continuity, until I’ve invented all the details. Torsade is a writer’s blog of process, where the reader can see the works evolve, without any secrecy about their imperfections. In good time, I finish something to a state where I make a published paperback of it, original cover art included. Then I take it off the blog. 

And so, the Uncollected Poems page is in temporary suspension. I’ve got them all collected, and available in the new book, Rattus. But as I make more, I’ll put the page back up. Are You Alienated, a novella of international intrigue, with a bonus short story, “Are You Jealous”, is out as a book. I’m working on Are You Haunted.

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