Yoharie: Existence (part two)

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(part two)








“But, not.”

“Not…you mean…”

After a second, Val said, “Nothing. What would I mean?”

“What I was wondering. You have an opinion?”

“No, I never heard of it. I guess I would’ve thought, nobody does that. Would do. Could do. Someone doesn’t want you in their neighborhood.”

He wanted Trevor to guide him here, have it turn out this stuff was debunked. That jokes like Hibbler and Todwillow were only funny, not…

Still funny, but in a sick-horror way.

“Someone,” Val said. “Thinks you’re gay. Or anything they don’t like about you. So they’re, like, putting that rat thing on you? Like on TV, you plug it in the wall…you know what I mean?”

“There is no that. It’s a grey area. Microwaves. Ultrasound. Something on the radio spectrum. Which by the way, of course radio waves come through walls, we know that. You’re only asking, can they be concentrated into a beam? Does it even work that way, like an aimed weapon, or is it more a kind of imaging, mapping? So…I think it’s helpful if you look at the Kennedy assassination. That is, why Lee Harvey Oswald? There were others on the scene.”

“Oswald didn’t do it?”

“He did some of it. Adlai Stevenson gave a speech in Dallas, late October, 1963. The radical right organized to protest. Violence, arrests. One of the men was from Irving, the same place Oswald was living. You know Apis, who engineered the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, had been grooming a handful of potential actors. He let them start themselves, basically.”

‘You got me way lost.”

“Read. Who else was in Dallas? Richard Nixon, two days before Kennedy.”

Nixon did it?”

“Nixon told the audience he was going to work to get the Kennedys ‘out of there’. He said America didn’t need four more years of ‘that kind of administration’. He was fanning the flames. It just means whoever advised Kennedy to go to Dallas had to know what a freaking hotbed it was. No, nobody important, nobody known, would be needed for a job like that.”

“And…how microwaves?”

“Propaganda. Someone raises an argument easily refuted. Or one so offensively challenging people squirrel around trying to disprove it. Your sickness can’t be caused by ultrasound, so you’re not sick at all. Well, how do you know what’s causing it? You know what you know. Are you hysterical? Have you done anything like this before? Is it rewarding, having your credibility questioned?”

Val winced (both truly and for Trevor’s benefit). “There’s some connection between all these assassinations and microwaves?”





“No…well, a few of my followers believe, or they want people to think they do, in a kind of hypnobeam, a Manchurian candidate thing. No, that’s a long ways from where I’m going. When you look at the Zapruder film, a couple of things stand out in the 312-314 sequence. One, you can run this two hundred times, you can prep your mind to see the bullet coming from behind, where Oswald was. And you can’t do it, I defy you. It didn’t come from in front. But it’s not just that it hits someplace above the right ear, that you see it happen that way, but…common sense. How does a bullet going through the back of someone’s head avoid going through their face? I mean, it was coming down. The arc of trajectory can only bow upwards…I don’t mean upwards…” Trevor sketched a flattened rainbow in the air. “See, like a frownie, not a smiley.”


“Live with it. There’s an autopsy photo of Kennedy. The right ear has no underlying bone supporting it any longer. The top of the head is mush under the hair. Sorry. But the facial bones are intact. So people think it was the grassy knoll. I’m in line was the actual Book Depository. The best place to hide your second shooter. Cause there’s a big difference in positioning, between the corner Oswald was in and the opposite corner…the one down the street. And then, did Oswald fire three times? Possibly, a cartridge was still in the chamber of Oswald’s gun, that he ejected before he loaded the next one, so there could have been three spent cartridges. But, suppose he only shot twice?

“The car comes away from the sign. Kennedy has been shot in the neck. Jackie is leaning towards him. Someone looking at the back of the car might not even be able to separate their two heads. A person at more or less the Zapruder angle could see when she dips hers down. And the car, about a nano after, passes a bystander and then the grass off that side is clear. And that, Val, is the exact, exact, second the shot comes. But…a professional sniper cares. Right? Keep your sights trained on the hostage-taker, nail him soon as the human shield pulls free. Did Oswald care? Would you think so?

“And like I said, it’s no use unless you’re looking at this from the right place. Imagine Oswald is aware he has a confederate. He’s been told on his trip to Mexico, where the KGB met with Rosenberg, bear in mind, that a super-assassin is shadowing him. Oswald’s assignment is to liquidate the target and retreat. Escape if possible. If the enemy catches him, he gives no information, and says he acted alone. If he’s loyal…loyalty is hugely important…he will be personally commended to Khrushchev, and the KGB will spirit him away. None of that means the KGB was involved. Just that nothing would bind Oswald to obedience and silence like believing they were. He shoots once, and hits Kennedy in the neck…the bullet passes into Connally’s wrist and thigh. Oswald sights again, but the other shooter gets in first. This, the fatal shot, converges closely with Oswald’s pulling the trigger, so he sees through his scope what looks like success. He follows orders and runs. His second bullet goes through Kennedy’s shoulder…and into Connally’s chest. You can see in the Zapruder film Connally turning and speaking, just after Kennedy is shot in the neck. He looks animated, conversational. Not chit-chatty, but like he’s imparting some piece of information. Coherent, you know, alert. The head shot comes. Connally flings himself around forward…a little patch of sun shows a bullet hole, in the back of his jacket. After that he wasn’t in a position to judge the order of events, for a long time…or, in practical terms, at all. You could say his public account of things doesn’t sound exactly uncoached.”





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