October (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 8 Jul 2019 in Art, Poems

Oil painting of green glowing figures and elongated white figure






A man looks into a darkened room


The eternal you your coffee in the morning

The justice heaven allots to your portion

The you snagged from the heat-profile of your being

3D printed on a 3D printed mug


The room is dark, but the open door throws light

Curtains and music pulse and ebb

She on the bed the woman he expects

A car passes and a glimpse of her face disquiets


The morning is one in October

Warm the day before raining now

Rain on fallen leaves an old conspiracy

A walk to school a new pair of shoes


He laughs, he is almost nervous

But the figure his familiar friend

He tries for the switch but its back to him

At the window now he begins to doubt


No, the morning is one in October

The doors are missing from the house

The ghost of you sits like a scarecrow, a Guy

The brand of your knowledge burned in aurora


He doubts but without light steps in

The creature’s revolving face alien

Better here to withdraw the lens

Revelation will start to seem comic, plastic


Overcredited, too freely propagated

Procrastinated, falsely validated

Strange month this and April

Change, the season asks you, change




Oil painting three alley cats

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(2019, Stephanie Foster)