Oh, You Did That? (poem)

Pastel and ink drawing of white and yellow birds



Oh, You Did That?
(Denigrate All Achievements)


Feathering yourself as a useful magpie

Quick and quicker your knack to apply that eye

Does a trained birdbrain need a pat on the head

Flies know a trick too

Everything carrion to them banquet once to you

And it is the spoilment we speak of

Never mind the worthy principle

That we don’t thank people for doing their jobs

We don’t. It belittles the dignity of labor

Suggests the worker’s state disgraces her

She only petitions the bossman with favors

And so we break a little bit

Your psyche aches to leave its seat

She strives for you, you claim an upper hand

that isn’t yours

Not your cog (ig) nition

spins the globe

Sputtering a bluish smoke

You dive…you right yourself with a master crafter’s

mind, set assuming your printout diploma

crony-minted by your school of Fair Chances

Lets you arbitrate the lesser birds’ adaptations

A hummingbird…why pretty why beloved?

(Why dainty and protected…why fed and not expected

to bear loads?)

A crow that counts and uses tools

A blue jay hustling up some action, a stork

That corners the baby-making racket

A flock of pigeons’ modern take on public statues

A cardinal who for his wife’s dull coat

Cites religious exception

A sparrow identical in markings to his mate



Oh, You Did That?
Oil painting three alley cats

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 (2019, Stephanie Foster)



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