Sequence: Drawn Upon Imagination (part two)

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Sequence of Events

Chapter Twelve
Drawn Upon Imagination
(part two)







“Cause…that’s not what she’s really doing?”

“I couldn’t judge. I doubt,” Van Nest shrugged, “I’d be much of a judge anyway…I don’t handle scripts. But I’ve seen a few lines of Healy’s. Kind of a roman à clef, starring Ethan Bragg. No…I think Rica, though, might understand Curtis Boardman well enough to know he was looking for a go-between, an excuse, to see Rob and talk about Rob, without making overtures to Rob directly. It would hurt his pride, I guess. See Macian’s note.”

“Macian says Boardman was keeping physical contact with his friend Rica, which could be insecurity, or an unconscious display of interest via surrogate, or through association.”

“Boardman is not really the insecure type. Let’s talk about Freda Murchison.”

“She wasn’t there.”

“Of course she was.”

“Oh, right, behind the lens.”

“But she shouldn’t have been there. Not Freda more so than anyone else.”

“You mean to say, Bruner’s helper ought more probably to have been some other girl. I suppose he would have picked a girl no matter what?”

“Macian says Bruner…”

Here Van Nest consulted notes, finding what he wanted with such alacrity Summers began to disbelieve his slovenliness. He winged a scrap of paper towards the desk.

It landed under the chair. “Not going into the stuff about Bruner’s father, but Macian says Bruner can’t be the dominant actor in a relationship with another man. It’s instinct, going for the girls. But consider, Freda and Stanley Carpenter are not coincidental to each other. She’s Stanley’s relative. He had a reason to look her up.”

“This is a new way of thinking about people.” The remark, to a studied degree disingenuous. “I could never come up with all that song and dance myself.”

 Van Nest made a noise, possibly all the laugh this deserved. “So, obviously. Any genuine outsider will follow only the rules of behavior that govern a particular scenario. In other words, we can allow for coincidence, so long as we can exclude everything that argues against it. Most coincidences are only a question of independent forces linked by commonality, and following the same trend.




Drawn Upon Imagination

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