Entrée (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 14 May 2019 in Art, Poems

Digital painting of grimacing face






Touché, Stingray, time to play

I think they do respect it

Respect it in the way of fearing it

Fearing in the way of doubting all their money spent

Procured them more than a costly duplicate

Intuited ahead of the pace of classwork

By the fresh new voice and rat-a-tat footwork

Luminous boominous

I speak to you-minous, Star Shine, despiser of the pretty pink light

Santa comes from the south on a sleigh pulled

by flamingos

These days, pull out your paring knife,

and skintillate that bouncing

Word, that glitters up your austere white

A dot and hook that mats you, fats your calf for you

Lards your pulsing (dare you pulse?) cleanliness

With thuses and therefores, hence we mention semicolon

Well, well, well, behold one; domehead polished as

your tiles, incandescent, out of style and overheated

Say then shimmering, glimmering, almost gets your scolding

Finger doing the highland fling

Whimpering a historic scale

By which I mean hysterical

Dandily grandily gilding the lily free-handedly

Lyrically a melody tinkles out a hell-o-twee

But live with all the tiny things


Bada bada bing





OIl painting of sonic missile breaking through clouds
















 (2019, Stephanie Foster)




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