Where End Meets Beginning: Ninth Pale Knight

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Pastel drawing of blue-skinned ancient warrior



The Folly

The Legend of the Pale Knight





Where End Meets Beginning


Now, he allows for those romantic fancies

That titillate the female set

Virginia, Trout views with an oblige suited

To a scientific man’s noblesse

Trout, who knows his shutter speeds

And chemical baths—and grades of films

Appropriate for this and that

Disbelieves strongly in this poltergeist

This Roscoe, meant to be the late Bevington

Although…sieving minutiae through his grey cells

He treads a path shrouded by earthly cloud

And asks himself

Would a voice recorded on magnetic tape

Limit one, or rather enhance the effect…?

Yes, muck about with ordinary expectations

As the major has it, and as Trout, so bolstered being thus

Confided to

Gulps down like a khaki pabulum

The enemy has got you, then

They’ll have you doubting what you know is true


Someone has popped a flash bulb

He thinks the familiar thing

Only that searing radiance

By rights, by now would end

A metal chill drives through him like a sword

Trout, on his knees, grapples for the weight

Hung round his neck

This, this, Britannia whispers…

Fail not! Tis your moment of glory, lad




Where End Meets Beginning
Stylized photo of glowing orb

The Legend of the Pale Knight page
Poison in the Marrow: Tenth Pale Knight)
















(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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