My Blog Week: March 31 to April 6

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Cartoon Grim Reaper and early grave

Cartoon of the Week: Grave Accents




A Word on the Week


The American media was full of former Vice President Joe Biden’s touching habits with acquaintances. He apologized; he remains accused of not getting it. The trouble here, is that the possibility of getting it, like the possibility of redemption generally, is something we want to allow, encourage, not perversely prohibit. One of the fundamental tactics in the propagandists’ repertoire is making the solution to a problem—the goal—be always over the next hill, never reachable, never done. 

We should not play along. Consider, that if Biden doesn’t know the experiences of women, and from an older man’s assumptions has acted heedlessly, people outside his own experience don’t know those things (deep losses among them). Measuring “getting it” narrowly, within the dimensions of the moment’s political cause (however worthy) doesn’t make defensible the discounting of every other type of experience. At best, you and your opponent are at a draw. 

And why are we placed at opposition to one another? Because some shady interests are served by it. If we are going to get things, and avoid the traps of societal disruption, we need to respect the journey, not jeer those making their way down the road.




Celebrated returned on Monday with a new episode, Petra and Tom discussing work; Tuesday, Sequence of Events had Durco disquieted by his neighbor, his wife, and the machinations of M. Carrière. Wednesday, a poem, “I Could Not”. Check this page to learn more about this series. Thursday, Catastrophe, the volcano’s power to destroy telegraphic cables, and a local official getting press coverage. “Turtle Island’s” part three on Friday, in which one of the prisoners meets one of the inhabitants. And on Saturday, “St. Andrew’s Day”, the fourth episode of The Pale Knight arc of The Folly. 
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My Blog Week: March 31 to April 6



Celebrated (part thirteen)
April 1



Sequence of Events: Give a Dog a Bad Name (part one)
April 2



I Could Not (poem)
April 3 Jack Kerouac, “Mexico City Blues [182nd Chorus]”



La Catastrophe de la Martinique: fifty
April 4



Turtle Island (part three)
April 5

Poetry Foundation: Audre Lourde, “A Litany for Survival”



St. Andrew’s Day: Fourth Pale Knight
April 6

The Guardian: The Ghostly Appeal of Aldeburgh