My Blog Week: Feb 17 to Feb 23

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Cartoon new technology for airports gets personal

Cartoon of the Week: Still the Old You





The week began with the end of Tom’s view, in the novella Celebrated, and his lack of success at finding someone to confess to. In Tuesday’s Sequence of Events, Ethan gives material information to Viola, while Talou sees the last of Boardman. Wednesday, a flash fiction piece, “Advice for Lightning”, a woman measuring tragedy against the personally intolerable. Thursday’s Catastrophe has Dr. Saint-Maurice’s assessments, and a philosophical question spurred by anomaly. Friday, thirteenth of The Folly’s Tattersby arc, “A Cold Reception”, Fiona up against the rules of crossing, which admit only heartfelt forgiveness. And on Saturday, a new poem, “The Earth Unseeded”.
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My Blog Week: Feb 17 to Feb 23


Celebrated (part ten)
February 18


Sequence of Events: The Heron’s Foot (part six)
February 19


New Flash Fiction: Advice for Lightning
February 20


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: forty-four
February 21


A Cold Reception: Fourteenth Tattersby
February 22


The Earth Unseeded (poem)
February 23

Poetry Foundation: Emily Bronté, “Shall earth no more inspire thee”




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