My Blog Week: Feb 10 to Feb 16

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Cartoon woman plants begonia gets bolonia

Cartoon of the Week: What’s Coming Up






Last Sunday, Folly features continued, with “The Hothouse Rose”, in which Lady Gimple still means to make conquests. On Monday, Yoharie’s “Neighborhood Watch” concluded, the reader learning Jeremiah Hibbler’s secret. In Tuesday’s Sequence of Events, Phillip pondered the depth of Gamotte’s disapproval; Wednesday, The Totem-Maker was back, the character impatient with the obscurities of instruction. Thursday, Catastrophe, and more on the nature of volcanic injuries; Friday, the last part of “The Blue Bird”, Gitana getting an answer to her request for human contact. On Saturday, a new story arc for The Folly, Battle Stations, began with the keepers of Krug’s lodging house finding themselves too late for choice.
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My Blog Week: Feb 10 to Feb 16



The Hothouse Rose: Twelfth Tattersby
February 10

YouTube: Banquo’s ghost scene from Macbeth



Neighborhood Watch (conclusion)
February 11



Sequence of Events: The Heron’s Foot (part five)
February 12



The Totem-Maker: Winter Alone (part one)
February 13



La Catastrophe de la Martinique: forty-three
February 14



The Blue Bird (conclusion)
February 15

Nat’l Center for Biotechnology Information: Polarity engineering of conjugated…



Newtons: First Battle Stations
February 16 Michael Dickman, “Killing Flies”





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