The Hothouse Rose: Twelfth Tattersby

Posted by ractrose on 10 Feb 2019 in Art, Poems

    The Folly Tattersby         The Hothouse Rose   ‘You’ll have to get rid of that woman’ Her voice rings oddly clear, a piercing ray of sun snowcaps Mrs. Kentworthy’s hair His housekeeper meets his eye; a glance up from her cleaning kit And withering glare, that says indeed, keeping fealty […]

My Blog Week: Feb 3 to Feb 9

Posted by ractrose on 10 Feb 2019 in The Latest

All the Latest from Torsade!                                   The week began with “The Blue Bird”, Gitana finding her impatience anticipated, a mimicry of normality creeping back; in Tuesday’s Sequence of Events, Van Nest evaluates Curtis Boardman, and Phillip learns Oliver’s price. […]