My Blog Week: Jan 6 to Jan 12

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Cartoon of the Week: May Ahab a Moment of Your Time






This week began on Monday with “Sacred Science”, the fifth poem in the Eight series, offering some cultish lore. In Tuesday’s Sequence of Events, the end of chapter eight, with a meeting in hints, possibly misconstruals, between Phillip and Godshaw. On Wednesday, “Dougal Inskip’s Lonely Vigil”, the seventh Tattersby of The Folly, in which the unrequited neighbor meets a friendly ghost. Thursday’s Catastrophe, has Hess telling more of the racial divide that plagues Martinique. On Friday, a new episode from The Totem-Maker, bringing chapter four to an end, with the character’s feared loss of status. And on Saturday, “Edwytha’s Plait”, the eighth Tattersby. Here de Clieux learns the scope of Miss Harvey’s channeling powers.
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My Blog Week: Jan 6 to Jan 12



Sacred Science (poem)
January 7

Poetry Foundation: Kenneth Fearing, “X Minus X”



Sequence of Events: The Watcher Watched (part three)
January 8

PRI: The history of surveillance, from Abraham Lincoln’s wiretaps…



Dougal Inskip’s Lonely Vigil: Seventh Tattersby
January 9



La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirty-eight
January 10



Totem: To Be and to Choose (part five)
January 11



Edwytha’s Plait: Eighth Tattersby
January 12