My Blog Week: Dec 16 to Dec 22

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Monday this week, a poem, “Amygdala”, found in my collection The Poor Belabored Beast. On Tuesday, Sequence of Events, the start of chapter eight, “The Watcher Watched”, in which two reluctant helpers, Nora Huey and Phillip, are enlisted. Wednesday, “The Depth”, the seventh episode of The Folly‘s Wake arc, a hopeless choice foisted on hapless Wake; Thursday, Catastrophe recounts the work of the police and the trouble with looters. Friday, in part two of “The Blue Bird”, Gitana begins to feel she has the right to ask questions. Saturday, Hibbler gets closer to his uncomfortable truth, in Yoharie, “Neighborhood Watch”, part six.
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My Blog Week: Dec 16 to Dec 22


Amygdala (poem)
December 17

Poetry Foundation: Allen Ginsberg, “Homework”


Sequence of Events: The Watcher Watched (part one)
December 18


The Depth: Seventh Wake
December 19


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirty-five
December 20





The Blue Bird (part two)
December 21

Wikipedia: The bluebird of happiness


Yoharie: Neighborhood Watch (part six)
December 22

Forbes: The decline of employment…




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