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The week began with a second episode of the poem-story “Turtle Island”, in which the prisoners recognize the urgency of their predicament. Tuesday, “Confidante”, the fourth in The Folly‘s Wake arc, wherein Wake recalls himself doubting Howitt. A new poem, “Time and Place” on Wednesday; Thursday, Catastrophe, and the first part of the incineration party’s story. Sequence this week went up Friday (because of a prolonged resizing of images project, to shed some of my blog’s excess weight), with Bruner seeking help from Durco, and gaining another piece of binding knowledge. Saturday, the third in the “Lab-Grown Brain” poem series, this time tackling drama.
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My Blog Week: Nov 25 to Dec 1


Turtle Island (part two)
November 26

Poetry Foundation: Gretchen Marquette, “Painted Turtle”


Confidante: Fourth Wake
November 27


Time and Place (poem)
November 28 Oscar Gonzales, “We All Return to the Place Where We Were Born”


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirty-two
November 29

Pinterest Board: Volcanoes


Sequence of Events: Alas Falada (part one)
November 30


The Lab-Grown Brain Makes a Stage Drama (poem)
December 1

Poetry Foundation: Matthea Harvey, “In Defense of Our Overgrown Garden”



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