My Blog Week: Nov 4 to Nov 10

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You cannot put dead things on trial

Gibbet the limbs and rags that hang

Already from the blasted stump

I paused beside my father at the station

He held a flag

I may have seen it jostled

From his hand his eyes

Rippled like a shell pool in a gust of wind


From Are You Haunted



My Blog Week: Nov 4 to Nov 10

Cartoon of the Week: 20% Lean 50% Fat 30% Unknown




Back, next week, to regular writing, and mixing in to the week’s offerings, fresh material. This week, Monday’s Haunt of Thieves, “War-Making”, in which the conquerors put the subdued population to use; Tuesday, part two of Sequence of Events’ chapter six, with Phillip reminded that to share a powerful man’s secret is to tacitly ally with him…or else. Wednesday, the eighth episode of Folly‘s Calmacott arc; Thursday, Catastrophe, the improbable rumors dispensed with, and a new eyewitness account. On Friday, the end of Calmacott; on Saturday, the beginning of Wake. 
Images on my posts usually have a link to related information (click first image), sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.




My Blog Week: Nov 4 to Nov 10


Haunt of Thieves: War-Making
November 5

Poetry Foundation: Henry Vaughan, “Regeneration”


Sequence of Events: How Is a Windmill Like a Waypost (part two)
November 6

ACLU: What’s Wrong with Public Video Surveillance?


Unfortunate Death: Eighth Calmacott
November 7

Wikipedia: Lyons and Co.


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty-nine
November 8

Pinterest Board: Volcanoes


Let Them Go: Ninth Calmacott
November 9


The Regent’s Bastard’s Grandson: First Wake
November 10

Biography: Jack the Ripper





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A few ideas I have on the agenda for getting busy with, when I’ve caught up on current projects.



My Blog Week: Nov 4 to Nov 10




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