My Blog Week: Oct 14 to Oct 20

My Blog Week: Oct 14 to Oct 20
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My Blog Week: Oct 14 to Oct 20

Cartoon of the Week: Illuminetti: You Have Been Warned






October 14’s A Figure from the Common Lot, was the conclusion of the novel, begun on this blog October 1 of last year. On Monday, the first episode of Haunt of Thieves, book two, “The Wayfarer”; Tuesday, a new chapter for Sequence of Events, in which Talou, making use of Stanley, successfully baits and reels in Boardman. Wednesday, The Folly series framing poem, that begins the whole collection; Thursday, La Catastrophe de la Martinique, with more information from witness M. Fernand Clerc. On Friday, “Calmacott’s Brother”, the first arc of Folly, and on Saturday, “Lewis”, a short story for the season.
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My Blog Week: Oct 14 to Oct 20



A Figure from the Common Lot: Élucide (conclusion)
October 14

Pinterest Board: A Figure from the Common Lot


Haunt of Thieves: The Wayfarer
October 15

My Blog Week: Oct 14 to Oct 20Try more poetry







Sequence of Events: Rite of Spring (part one)
October 16

Mashable: Dressing in Drag 1835-1930


The Folly (poem-story)
October 17

Pinterest Board: The Folly


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty-six
October 18

Pinterest Board: All Things Torsade


Calmacott’s Brother (part one)
October 19

Pinterest Board: The Folly


Lewis (short story)
October 20

Lit Reactor: 5 Public Domain Works of Classic Horror You Can Read for Free




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