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Readers, this week was a little different. On Tuesday, October 2, at around 4:00 pm, my internet connection went out. I called my ISP that evening, after supposing an outage, and was told there’d been an outage/there was no outage; that a ticket would be created, and if I hadn’t heard from the technician by ten the next morning, to call again. The next morning, I got a robo-call from the company, saying there was an outage, and so I didn’t call further until late that night, when I was told there was no outage. The representative also told me a technician would come to my house on October 16. Thirteen days without service seemed primitive to me (inspiring the above cartoon’s joke, of a biz-platitude run amok), and I had a fair discussion with the representative, in which I said I could have new service installed by another company in less time. She said if I cancelled the ticket, the wait would be even longer. I remembered that once I’d been impressed by how the same company had sent me a new router, in what I believe was a few days, and I’d installed it myself. She said they could not send a router until the technician had looked at the problem. I, after ending this, called another provider right away, who promised one thing and another, but the key, as they seemed to understand, was to beat the October 16 date…and by several days, to be meaningful. 
After the 3rd, the 4th, and the 5th, had gone by with no service, I got another robo-call, saying the outage was over, and my trouble ticket was cancelled. Then, being able to check email again, I found the other company had given me an installation date of October 17. I’m a little on the fence…I’ll probably not go with this, although I thought their price was not bad, for including TV. (Feel free to comment below, if you’ve had any Adventures in Service better than mine.)
So, Sunday, I put up A Figure from the Common Lot: Élucide (part six), which brings us nearly to the end (today’s and next week’s entries) of volume one. In this episode, dinner with the Rutherfords brought drama, and Honoré made up his mind to leave Cookesville. Monday, I got in part six of Haunt of Thieves, and Saturday, I put up part one of a new poem, “Turtle Island”.



My Blog Week: Sept 30 to Oct 6


A Figure from the Common Lot: Élucide (part six)
September 30

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Haunt of Thieves: part six
October 1

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Turtle Island (poem)
October 6

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