My Blog Week: Sept 16 to Sept 22

All the Latest from Torsade!                           In Sunday’s A Figure from the Common Lot, Élucide is sent away for the night, on suspicion of being pert with Ebrach; on Monday, allegorical poem Haunt of Thieves, part four. Tuesday, a new poem, “Milieu”, first of a series inspired […]

Élucide: part five

Posted by ractrose on 23 Sep 2018 in Fiction, Novels

A Figure from the Common Lot Élucide (part five)               This, that might or might not be so, some mystery of which Papa had read, that Ziegler knew already, drew them closer; Ranilde and Élucide following Mother, each inching into the hallway, slowing to a halt, until an inner […]