My Blog Week: Sept 9 to Sept 15

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In Sunday’s Figure, Élucide witnesses her godfather match rhetoric with Ebrach, in a debate pitting spiritualism against Christianity. Monday, Haunt of Thieves, part three; Tuesday, chapter three of Sequence ended with advances in the storylines of Bruner, Luberta, the shadow men, and Stanley. Wednesday, a new series in Assorted Opinions began, “With Malice Towards None”, that will go deep into the ways reasoning can be manipulated. The Meadow Report, Thursday, is an update on my outside-the-blog project of helping nature; also Thursday, Catastrophe, with Hess sarcastic on M. Fernand Clerc. Celebrated, Friday, had Tom finding a second source of inspiration; finally, Saturday, a new Hammersmith, “Showtime”, in which Minnie does her best to entertain.
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My Blog Week: Sept 9 to Sept 15


A Figure from the Common Lot: Élucide (part three)
September 9

Wikipedia: List of maritime disasters in the 19th century


Sequence of Events: You’ll Be Happy to Know This (part two)
September 11

Smithsonian: How Woodrow Wilson’s Propaganda Machine…


Assorted Opinions: With Malice Towards None
September 12

Wikipedia: The Communist Manifesto


The Meadow Report
September 13

Inhabitat: What are Microclimates?


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty-two
September 13

Science Alert: Those supervolcano eruptions…


Celebrated (part four)
September 14

The Daily Mail: ‘Female’ romance author…


Showtime: Hammersmith (thirty-three)
September 15

Counterpunch: In Defense of Heckling





New Old Posts


Haunt of Thieves: part three
September 10

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