My Blog Week: August 26 to Sept 1

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Last week, in A Figure from the Common Lot, Honoré’s narrative ended; this week, his cousin Élucide’s began, with a half-dreaming series of memories. Monday, a new episode of The German Spy, in which Agnes tells Fiona how Atherleigh rigged the explosion. On Tuesday, Haunt of Thieves began a fresh run; Wednesday, Sequence of Events continued, with Freda’s adventure, catching Boardman on film and off his guard, for a reason Bruner doesn’t know, either. Thursday, La Catastrophe de la Martinique offered two stories about ship captains and their escapes. Friday, a new poem, “The Lengthy Story”, and Saturday, the latest Hammersmith, “Boxed Goods”, in which Vic finds himself harried along a dubious course.
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My Blog Week: August 26 to Sept 1


A Figure from the Common Lot: Élucide (part one)
August 26

Wikipedia: Memorials to Abraham Lincoln


Plain and Ugly Terms: tenth German Spy
August 27

Poetry Foundation: Norman Lewis, “The Ugly Hour”


Sequence of Events: Mud in Your Eye (part two)
August 29

Pinterest Board: All Things Torsade


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty
August 30

W News: Lava flows reveal clues to magnetic field reversals


The Lengthy Story (poem)
August 31 Patrick Ryan Frank, “And the Sea”


Boxed Goods: Hammersmith (thirty-two)
September 1

American Battlefield Trust: Shaping a Volunteer Army





New Old Posts


Haunt of Thieves: part one
August 28

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