My Blog Week: August 12 to August 18

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In Sunday’s installment of A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Gremot, Honoré had made his way through an impromptu ceremony, and, until interviewed by his Uncle Sartain, felt unrestrained in pursuing his emigration scheme. Monday, a new poem, “Tired of Yourself”; Tuesday, the second installment of Sequence of Events, ending chapter one, with a reunion between Freda and Phillip, angst for Stanley. Wednesday, Yoharie returned, with more of “Neighborhood Watch”, in which Hibbler learns a secret of Todwillow’s method. On Thursday, Catastrophe, describing the fate of ships in Saint-Pierre’s harbor. Friday, more “Celebrated”, with Tom recalling his mentor, his sensation of sliding down the slope. On Saturday,  Hammersmith. This time, Aimee is dressed for skullduggery, and not certain for what cause she’s been drafted as lookout.
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My Blog Week: August 12 to August 18


A Figure from the Common Lot: The House of Gremot (part six)
August 12

Chateau de Versailles: Birth of the Third Republic


Tired of Yourself (poem)
August 13 Marianne Moore, “Ennui”


Sequence of Events: A Personal Choice (part two)
August 14

Britannica: The River Spey


Yoharie: Neighborhood Watch (part three)
August 15

Wikipedia: Parabolic microphone


La Catastrophe de la Martinique: eighteen
August 16

USGS: Volcano Hazards: Pyroclastic Flows


Celebrated (part two)
August 17

Writing Through Life: Free Association Exercise


Trenches Manned: Hammersmith (thirty)
August 18

War on the Rocks: Cable-cutting in the Spanish-American War




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